If you have recently been fired or ‘dismissed’ from your job, you may have an employment claim against your former employer in an Employment Tribunal. You will have a claim if your employer has wrongfully or unfairly dismissed you, or if you have been forced to quit because of a gross breach of contract on their behalf.



Being dismissed is never going to be a pleasant experience and it is important to know that you do have certain employment rights in this area if your employer has not acted in accordance with the law.

Your employer is entitled under employment law to dismiss you in certain circumstances. They can do so if you have breached your employment contract or been found guilty of gross misconduct.

If you think you may have been unfairly dismissed, for example because of a discriminatory reason, or wrongfully dismissed, for example because your employer did not give you the correct notice of your dismissal, you might want to speak to a qualified employment solicitor.

Or, you may be in a position where work has become intolerable and you want to know if you will have a constructive dismissal claim if you quit.

Job Justice is here to help.

Our website is full of employment law information in order to help you work out if you have an employment claim. If you think you do, you may want to talk to a specialist solicitor about your legal options.

We can put you in touch with one of our local employment solicitors. Simply call us for free on 0800 533 5799 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your situation.

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